Spring Beauty Trends and Wishlist

Although there are currently 2 feet of snow on the ground (thanks, Stella), the first day of spring has FINALLY arrived. Since new seasons=new makeup launches, I have accumulated quite the beauty wishlist. Here are some new trends and a few items that I am absolutely lusting after:

Trend 1: Highlight, highlight, and highlight some more. The biggest spring trend is absolutely to be glowing from head to toe, just check out the front display in Sephora for proof. Every major brand has been launching beautiful highlighters, but I decided to finally purchase the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Celestial and I am so obsessed with it. It’s definitely worth that $42 price tag, especially if you’re super into highlighting. Here are a few of the newest launches that I am saving my pennies for because I absolutely need all of them.

1. The Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit!!!

I am a huge fan of beauty YouTubers and have honestly been watching most of them since early high school. I can also thank their hauls and tutorials for just about every item on this list. I am always so interested to see how much YouTube has impacted the beauty industry and I am also always happy to support my favorite content creators. Not to mention that the shades in this palette are to die for.

2. Casey Holmes X Smashbox Starlight Palette in Pearl


Casey Holmes is one of my absolute favorite YouTubers and it’s so amazing that she was able to collaborate with such a major brand on something like this. The palette looks beautiful and I’m dying to get my hands on it to support her. For her next collab I think it would be really cool for her to create a foundation or primer for girls with oily/problematic skin since that is what she and so many of her viewers struggle with. The palette is beautiful, but for girls with a lot of texture and pores, a matte face is usually the best route.

3. Tom Ford Sheer Highlighting Duo

omg….when Jaclyn Hill put this on her face in her most recent GRWM I had to resist heading to Sephora that second to purchase this $80 highlighter. Tom Ford kills me because everything is so beautiful but its just so outrageously expensive *sigh*. My favorite highlighters are ones that are not chunky, glittery, or leave a huge highlight stripe on your face, and this highlighter fit the bill. Of course.

4. Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter in Transcendence

You need to go into a Sephora store right this second and touch this highlighter. I’m not kidding. It’s the coolest feeling ever because its neither a cream or a powder, it’s some weird in-between formula. This color is absolutely stunning and makes me feel like I have a pretty mermaid glow.

5. Kevin Aucoin The Neo Limelight Powder

Speaking of a mermaid glow…holy Ariel. And this powder is even prettier in person if that’s possible. I love the cooler-toned/pink highlighters that have come out this season, definitely check them out for a different color glow.


Trend 2: Everything Kylie Cosmetics: Kylighters, Blushes, and Velvet Lips. I’m pretty sure Kylie is starting to come out with new products every week and I’m totally fine with that. I’m most excited about her blushes (that I believe are launching this Friday) because its something different than all of these other new makeup launches (aka not highlighter). In my opinion, Kylie Jenner/Kylie Cosmetics is a marketing genius and is one of the few companies who completely embraces the intersection of social media and beauty.


Velvet Liquid Lipstick in Charm


Kylighter in Cotton Candy Cream



Trend 3: Sheer Coverage Foundation. This is a trend every year once the temperatures rise because honestly none of us want to risk having cake face from sweating our makeup off. Once again, Jaclyn Hill used this on her face in her most recent tutorial (that woman can do no wrong) and I decided right then that I absolutely need it to be on my face.

Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation

Random other things that I want:

1. Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Magic Wands Brush Set

OH MY GOD. need.

2. Gisou Honey Hair Oil

Related image

I think I’ve mentioned before that this product was on my wishlist after Tess Christine mentioned it in a favorites video. It’s expensive, but if it’ll make a difference on my hair then I’m willing to buy it. And how cute is that packaging. So photogenic.

Well that’s everything on my wishlist for now! I’m going to make a clothes shopping list sometime soon because I have decided that I hate 80% of my clothes at the moment (lol).




Alpha Phi Bid Day!

Meeting the new girls for the first time! So excited for them.My younger brother’s girlfriend joined Alpha Phi!

Loved the ACDC/Rock n roll theme this year 🤘🏼

Bid day this year was so much fun, I seriously get so excited for the new class because I know how much fun these next 4 years are going to be. This year’s bid day was mixed with a lot of sadness and nostalgia along with the excitement since I’m a senior. I’m so grateful that I’ve had such amazing college experiences, Greek life being just one of many! Can’t believe this is my last go around, crazy how fast time flies.

Thanks for reading! xo

January Mood Board

mood board
I love that I can always count on Pinterest to give me a little daily inspiration. Lately I’ve been really drawn to lighter colors with touches of darkness, as you can see from this mood board. I love wearing cozy light colored knits with a darker hat or accessory for winter, I just think it looks so fresh and the opposite of dark and dreary. I feel like these colors are January in a nutshell, with the white snow on the ground juxtaposed with the dark green of the pine trees. Basically, the A6 filter on VSCO has been used on repeat this season to edit my Instagram pictures for that high contrast, green-undertone look and feel. I’m looking to switch it up soon, maybe to something a bit lighter and with less of a contrast. I’ll make another mood board for that! I’m hoping to do some more fashion and beauty posts soon, so hopefully my class schedule this semester allows for some more free time. Thanks for reading!

Winter Break Wrap-Up

The view after 24 hours of straight snow fall!

Favorite time of day while enjoying the wintery view

Getting ready for a cozy Christmas

My adorable dog, Otis enjoying a lazy day with me!

After my crazy semester, I have been so thankful to be home catching up on some Netflix and quality family time. Sometimes all I need is just a good break from everything, especially since the stress of being a second semester senior can feel utterly suffocating. I’ve been having so much fun this winter break playing with my camera, especially after our many snowfalls here in upstate New York! There is still something so magical about the way things look and feel while the snow is falling. So here’s to a new year, new beginnings, and a hopefully very fun and less stressful last semester of college!

Holiday Makeup Wishlist

The period of time between October and December is my favorite time of year for many reasons-holiday movies, music, clothing, parties, and MAKEUP! There have been so many new and innovative product launches this holiday season, so I figured I would share some that are on my wishlist.


1.  This new Tarteist Pro Palette. Tarte has had some amazing product launches in the past year which have become YouTube crazes and beauty addict frenzies. This new palette has so many beautiful shades that I feel like I could use every day or for more dramatic looks.

2. Speaking of amazing products from Tarte, this concealer has been all over YouTube lately and I’ve been dying to get my hands on it. Lack of sleep during finals week is enough justification to buy a new concealer, right?

Main Image - HOURGLASS Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick

3. Next up on my list is the Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation. I have a new appreciation for stick foundations after using my Anastasia one religiously for the past few months. I completely used up that one, and after seeing several reviews and comparisons I really want to try out this Hourglass one instead of re-purchasing the Anastasia. If Jaclyn Hill is raving about something you better believe I’ll be trying it.

Main Image - HOURGLASS Ambient® Lighting Bronzer 

4. Honestly, I want every product from Hourglass just because of how beautiful and luminous they all are. I have been wanting to get my hands on their Ambient Lighting Bronzer for a year now after hearing great reviews from Alex Garza and Casey Holmes (and probably every other YouTuber). They also have this amazing palette that comes with their Ambient lighting powder, bronzer, two blushes and a highlight. And how amazing is that marble packaging. I die.

5. Honestly Kylie, stop. Can you imagine seeing this under your Christmas tree!? I would feel like a kid again. The best present in the world for a makeup lover would be this Holiday Box from Kylie Cosmetics. I just order new lip kits in the shades Maliboo, Ginger and Leo but I would loveeee to get all of this makeup goodness for Christmas. Be sure to check out her website every day until Christmas, she’s running some awesome specials and giveaways!

Image result for mac nutcracker sweet nude lipsticks

6. Mac Nutcracker Sweet Nude Lipstick Kit. I die over Mac lipsticks, and they have some of the best nude shades in the game. This holiday set is so cute with its mini lipsticks, and they also have a pink and red set if you or someone you’re gifting to is more into those colors.

7. I have pretty fine, wavy hair that is definitely in need of some life and volume. The downside of using moisturizing masks is that it absolutely sucks the life out of my hair, depriving me of any Jessie James Decker-esque volume. I am a sucker for hair products and always have a few on my Christmas list, and this set looks too cute to pass up.

This is all of the products I have on my makeup wish list right now! I’ll be doing a post in a few days about my overall Christmas Wish List, along with a couple of gift guides and Holiday guides. Until then I will be attempting to survive finals week.




Fall Wishlist

Fall is basically everybody’s favorite season for fashion, and I am definitely no exception. Here are some fashion items that I am lusting after this year

1. Burgundy leather jacket. I’ve been seeing these everywhere on Pinterest and I can’t get enough! Jackets are such an easy way to add more style to an outfit during the fall season and I’ve even seen some good, affordable options at Forever 21.

2. Mom jeans. I never thought I would be into this trend, but seeing Tess Christine rock them in her videos and Instagram photos made me a believer in the mom jean. This pair is from Asos and honestly look very flattering!!

3. Velvet anything. This duster from Asos and these gorgeous burgundy booties were featured in Alex Garza’s fall essentials video and now I’m just obsessed. Velvet is such a cool and luxurious texture for the fall and winter and the clothing always comes in the most beautiful array of colors.

4. These adorable suede Pom-Pom booties from Sam Edleman! I’m not sure what it is about these but I am in love. They are definitely a trendy item so I’m anxiously awaiting them to go on sale, but I think they are so cute and could add so much style to a plain outfit.

5. Teddy bear jackets. It gets cold very, verrryyyy quickly here in Syracuse, so the teddy bear and faux fur jacket trend is appearing more and more attractive. Amber Fillerup Clark (aka the barefoot blonde aka my favorite blogger) always rocks the coolest jackets. This picture in particular inspired me to dive into the faux fur trend just because of how cozy and cute she looks!

That’s all for my current wishlist!! What are you lusting after this fall??



Just Fall Things

This past weekend with filled with so much good apple cider, amazing donuts, and fall activities that I basically turned into a pumpkin spice latte.

My sorority does an apple picking event every year, and it’s one of the most fun (and photogenic) events we do all year.

This orchard had the most delicious, freshly made cider donuts and such a fun hard cider tasting. It was about 75 degrees and sunny on Friday, perfect for a day of apple picking, picture taking, and of course, cider drinking!

The next day was much cooler and raining off and on, but I met one of my best friends at a local farm to go pumpkin picking and walk through the corn maze. It was so much fun and not crowded at all thanks to the weather, and the best part was seeing the cutest little farm animals 🙂

I also saw the new movie ‘Sully’ this weekend and thought it was amazing. Definitely would recommend seeing it, although it seriously gave me some anxiety while watching. Excited for next weekend to finally watch another Syracuse home game!